Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sebastian Castro - The Man Behind Bubbles

Bubble (Official)

Honestly, I haven't got the chance to watch this video, I don't know, maybe I'm not that really interested, for I'm not really fond of watching any youtube videos, unless if it's really astounding.. I'm doing this post since he's getting popular, his video and bubble dance is considered a craze now, as harlem shake takes its stand. People would love to search him, in any sites, I guess.

Sebastian Castro. I first saw Seb in Cosmopolitan PH issue, can't recall if he was a "hunk of the month" guy, but one thing for sure, he was featured in 69 cosmo bachelors, as one of the bachelor, of course, and as an endorser and product of Sexy Solutions.

As I was scrolling my FB page, I saw this vid of him that surprised everyone. His confirmation and confession. Sebastian is gay. He expounded.

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